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  1. [undying, unquestioning, unshakable] faith
  2. [personal, religious] faith
  3. the [Catholic, Jewish] faith
  4. don't have blind faith in [him, her word, anything]
  5. put my faith in [you, the company, your word, God]
  6. his (unshakable) faith in human nature
  7. have some faith in me!
  8. have (every) faith in your [abilities, chances, efforts]
  9. have faith in the [system, world]
  10. have faith that we will [finish, succeed, prosper]
  11. (start to) question your own faith
  12. is not a [question, matter] of blind faith
  13. [signed, agreed, accepted] in good faith
  14. based on my faith in
  15. faith in [God, a higher power]
  16. faith and spirituality
  17. faith, hope and charity
  18. a system of faith
n as adj
  1. a faith healer
  2. faith organizations
  3. the faith community
  4. a faith system
  5. faith-based [programs, organizations, initiatives]
  6. a multi-faith [event, gathering, society]
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