'father', 'Father': [ˈfɑːðə]

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  1. my [biological, adopted] father
  2. our Heavenly Father
  3. the Holy Father
  4. my father [died, passed away] (on, in)
  5. is a father of [three]
  6. is (a) father to [three] children
  7. is the father of [three] children
  8. has been like a father to me
  9. do not know who my father is
  10. my father was never [there, around]
  11. [left, given] to her by her father
  12. like father, like son
  13. passed down from father to [daughter, son]
  14. [takes after, looks like] his father
  15. has his father's [eyes, looks, talent]
  16. Father's Day
  17. my father-in-law
  18. my step-father
  19. the founding fathers of [the nation, America]
  20. is (considered) the father of [neuroscience, the internet, our nation]
  21. a Father's Day [card, gift, present]
n as adj
  1. a father- [daughter, son] day
  2. was a father figure to me
  3. a Father's Day [card, gift, present]
  1. father a [child, son, daughter]
  2. fathered [twins, triplets, six children]
  3. fathered by another man
  4. mothered and fathered
  5. fathered the [atomic bomb, telegraph, radio]
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