For the verb: "to fish"

Present Participle: fishing
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. [saltwater, freshwater, ocean, boat, fly] fishing
  2. [salmon, trout, walleye] fishing
  3. commercial fishing
  4. [night, morning] fishing
  5. am going fishing
  6. is out fishing
  7. my dad [used to, would] take me fishing
  8. fishing on the [lake, river]
  9. fishing from the [dock, pier, shore]
  10. fishing with my [dad, grandfather]
  11. fishing with [nets, rods, trawlers]
  12. fishing for [pleasure, fun, food, competition]
  13. hunting and fishing
  14. the sport of fishing
  15. have never been fishing
  16. have not been fishing in [years]
  17. found fishing [relaxing, boring, dull, bonding]
n as adj
  1. a fishing [boat, trawler, dock]
  2. a fishing [rod, pole, net, knife]
  3. fishing [tackle, bait]
  4. [have, need, apply for] a fishing license
  5. the fishing industry
  6. [is on, went on] a fishing trip
  7. a small fishing village
WordReference English Collocations © 2019


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [sea, freshwater, saltwater, marine, lake] fish
  2. a [tuna, flying, flat] fish
  3. [fresh, frozen, smoked, grilled, fried, baked, steamed] fish
  4. [having, cooking, serving, eating] fish (for dinner)
  5. eat fish on Friday
  6. fish for [dinner, supper, lunch]
  7. fish with [peas, potatoes, fries, tartare sauce]
  8. UK: fish and chips
  9. [cook, fry, skin, gut, fillet] the fish
  10. [caught, reeled in, hooked] a (huge) fish
  11. didn't catch any fish
  12. release a fish
  13. threw the fish back (in the water)
  14. have a pet fish
  15. did you feed the fish?
  16. fish and [wildlife, game]
  17. is a species of fish
  18. can swim like a fish
  19. drinks like a fish
  20. [wriggling, thrashing around] like a fish
  21. [eyes, mouth] wide like a fish
  22. like a fish out of water
n as adj
  1. a fish fry
  2. a fish [bowl, tank]
  3. fish oil
  4. fish [fingers, cakes, fillets]
  5. a tuna fish sandwich
  1. fish and hunt
  2. fish for [tuna, bass, carp]
  3. fish [responsibly, sustainably]
  4. go fishing
  5. fishing on a [lake, river]
  6. fish [on, from] a boat
  7. fish off (of) a [bridge, dock]
  8. fish from [shore, a dock]
  9. fish out the [lake, water]
  10. fish the [lake] out
  11. fishing with [your dad, her]
  12. (not) fishing for compliments
  13. fish around in her [purse, bag, backpack]
  14. fish a [coin, tissue, key] out of your pocket
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