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  1. use your (salad) fork!
  2. using a fork and knife
  3. what is this fork for?
  4. a [stainless steel, silver, plastic] fork
  5. [stabbed, grabbed] the steak with his fork
  6. the [spaghetti, noodles] fell off the fork
  7. a set of knives, forks, and spoons
  8. use a tuning fork
  9. use a pitch fork to [rake, gather, remove]
  10. have come to a fork in the road
  11. go [right, left] at the fork (in the road)
  12. a fork of the river
  13. take the [middle, right, north] fork
  1. the [river, road, path] forks
  2. the [river] forks off into [different, two] directions
  3. forks off from the (main) [road, path]
  4. the lightning (bolt) forked
  5. fork out the [money, cash]
  6. (had to) fork out for [a new car, home repairs, a snowblower]
  7. forking food into his mouth
  8. forked a piece of [pie, steak]
n as adj
  1. a (hot) fork [buffet, lunch]
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