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  1. the former [champion, president, ambassador] (of)
  2. former [students, pupils, employees, teachers, staff]
  3. former [users, members, customers, clients]
  4. [regain, get back, entice, target] former [users]
  5. [discounts, special offers] for former [users]
  6. my former [boss, lover, professor, husband]
  7. the former [Soviet Union, Republic of Macedonia]
  8. in a former [life, existence, stage]
  9. in former [times, eras, ages]
  10. had [met, dined, spoken] on a former occasion
  11. the former [idea, suggestion, plan] was better than the latter
  1. [according, made reference] to the former
  2. [prefer, choose, select] the former
  3. would rather [do, take, have] the former
  4. [prefer] the former [over, rather than] the latter
  5. do you prefer the latter, or the former?
  6. the former [or, and] the latter
  7. [consult with, listen to] opinion formers
  8. a [shape, case] former
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