For the verb: "to gather"

Present Participle: gathering
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. are having a small gathering on [Thursday]
  2. a [private, family, small] gathering
  3. a gathering of [nations, physicians, scientists]
  4. a gathering of [expert, brilliant] minds
  5. a gathering in [Washington]
  6. a gathering to [prepare, celebrate, discuss]
  7. [a formal, an informal, a global, an international] gathering of
  8. in a gathering on [Monday]
  9. couldn't attend the gathering
  10. a gathering around [a tree, the mall, flag]
  11. (the event) only attracted a small gathering
  12. the gathering of [information, data]
  13. [review, analyze] the gathering of intelligence
n as adj
  1. a good gathering place
WordReference English Collocations © 2019


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. gather into [groups, sections]
  2. gather around the [performer, accident]
  3. gather around to [see, watch]
  4. gather on [campus, the capital, the beach]
  5. gathered on [Sunday]
  6. [protesters, enthusiasts] gathered
  7. gather with [friends, family]
  8. a crowd had gathered
  9. gather in [public, private]
  10. gathered in his [name, presence] (to)
  11. gather to [celebrate, protest, discuss]
  12. gather together [to, in]
  13. gather together for [safety, warmth]
  14. gather (together) the necessary [documents, papers]
  15. gather [information, data, evidence]
  16. [she, the athlete, the movement] gathered strength
  17. the [plane, train] gathered speed
  18. the [typhoon, hurricane, gale] gathered force
  19. gather your thoughts
  20. gather over [time, many years]
  21. gather and [analyze, disseminate, organize, evaluate, share, store]
  22. gather up the [coins, kids, laundry]
  23. gather up your [things, belonging, camping gear]
  24. gathered [her, the child] up in his arms (and)
  25. gathered in the [crops, harvest, corn]
  26. gathered his sheep
  27. she gathered her wits and
  28. dress was gathered at the waist
  29. I gather (that) you
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