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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a happy [child, family, couple, customer, wife]
  2. happy birthday (to you)!
  3. Happy [Thanksgiving, New Year, holidays, Halloween]!
  4. a happy [occasion, atmosphere, event]
  5. was a happy [accident, coincidence]
  6. a happy [ending, solution] (to)
  7. happy [hours, times, days, shopping]
  8. spent many happy [hours] [there, reminiscing]
  9. in a happy [mood, frame of mind]
  10. [sing, whistle, hum] a happy tune
  11. was (not) happy with her [salary, lot, life]
  12. are you happy with that?
  13. happy (that) you [like it, think so]
  14. is happy about [having, learning, being offered]
  15. [I could never, how can you] be happy knowing (that)
  16. am [really, genuinely, very] happy for her
  17. was happy to [read, see, learn, find, get]
  18. would be happy to [meet, help, take] you
  19. [have, has, had] never been happier
  20. is the happiest I have seen you in [years, ages]
  21. slang: happy [slapping, slappers]
  22. [very, wildly, deliriously, so, not] happy
  23. UK: and they [were, lived] happy ever after
  24. [trigger, gadget, slap] -happy
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