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  1. the hardship of [winter, poverty, wartime]
  2. have had a lot of hardships in my life
  3. my life has been full of hardship
  4. have never known hardship
  5. the [layoff, tax increase] has been a hardship on [me, this family]
  6. didn't mean to cause you any hardship
  7. undergo severe hardship
  8. is an unnecessary hardship (to undergo)
  9. hardship [caused, brought about, imposed] by
  10. survived great hardship
  11. has known real hardship in her life
  12. has endured [years, decades] of hardships
  13. endured many hardships [growing up, in childhood]
  14. [economic, financial] hardship
  15. a life of hardship [under the regime, in the mine]
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