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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [steep, grassy, tall] hill
  2. the [rolling, green] hills of [England, the Lake District]
  3. [climb, walk, drive] up the hill
  4. [coast, roll, run] down the hill
  5. the [car, children] rolled down the hill
  6. [walk, bike, trek] up the hill
  7. go [over, through] the hill
  8. on top of the hill
  9. at the bottom of the hill
  10. up and down the hills
  11. run for the hills
  12. ski on a [small, long, dangerous] hill
  13. a hill of [rubbish, litter, tins, waste]
  14. UK: doesn't amount to a hill of beans
  15. the [player, model] is over the hill
n as adj
  1. this is hill country
  2. drive through hill country
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