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  1. is an individual [serving, portion]
  2. [make, serve, cook] an individual [portion]
  3. for everyone's individual [needs, tastes]
  4. individual [membership, policy holder]
  5. [judged, assessed, trained] on an individual basis
  6. individual income tax
  7. [of, for] each individual [member, resident, student]
  8. are individual [cases, examples] of
  9. individual [freedoms, rights]
  10. each individual [piece, part, component, child, citizen]
  11. has a very individual [personality, style]
  1. is a [unique, strong, respectful, confident, true] individual
  2. is an individual with a [unique] personality
  3. [unknown, known, familiar] individuals
  4. the individuals were [known] to the police
  5. has [become, grown into] quite an individual
  6. several individuals [approached, complained, argued]
  7. is the individual in question
  8. [groups, teams] or individuals
  9. [works, performs] better as an individual
  10. by the [behavior, actions, opinions] of a few individuals
  11. [bookings, packages, trips] for parties or individuals
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