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  1. [an insulating, a protective] layer
  2. an [extra, added, additional] layer of [protection, security]
  3. [three] layers of [protection]
  4. an extra layer to [protect, ensure, provide]
  5. a [thick, thin] layer
  6. the [top, bottom] layer
  7. the middle layers
  8. [is made, consists] of [four] layers
  9. a [dual, double] layer of
  10. arranged in layers
  11. [put on, wear] an outer layer
  12. apply a layer of [paint, varnish, one color]
  13. apply [another, a second, a final] layer of
  14. fold it into layers
  15. [make, create] layers
  16. adds a whole new layer of [meaning, difficulty] (to)
  17. sandwiched between two layers of
  18. a layer that will [provide, allow]
  19. a layer of [ice, film, cheese]
n as adj
  1. a layer [cake, pasta dish]
  2. [depending on, influences] layer thickness
  3. [three] -layer [protection, security]
  1. layer the cake
  2. layer [an image, a graphic, a design, a drawing]
  3. layer the [paint, finish, varnish]
  4. layer to [create, form, provide]
  5. have your hair layered
  6. layer up for the [cold, storm, winter]
  7. layer (yourself) up [for winter, to go outside]
  8. layer [yourself, your clothes] for the [cold]
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