For the verb: "to light"

Simple Past: lit, lighted
Past Participle: lit, lighted
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [stop, porch] light
  2. a [bright, dim, faint, shimmering] light
  3. [energy-saving, low-consumption, LED, traffic] lights
  4. the light turned [green, red]
  5. waiting for the light to turn green
  6. waiting for a green light
  7. [went through, jumped] a red light
  8. stop at the (traffic) lights
  9. has a night light
  10. left the light on
  11. the lights went out
  12. [turn, switch] the lights [on, out, off]
  13. [turn] [on] the lights
  14. is time for lights out
  15. in the [morning, evening] light
  16. [visible, ultraviolet, infrared] light
  17. [set off, started, began] at first light
  18. [it, the truth] (finally) came to light
  19. [throw, shed] (some) light on the [mystery, situation]
  20. [do you have, have you got] a light?
  21. (is) the light of my life
  22. the lights are on (but nobody's home)
  23. (beginning to) see the light
  24. seen in a [new, different] light
n as adj
  1. the red light district
  2. the light [bulb, socket, fitting]
  1. light [colored, green]
  2. a light [green] [color, hue, shade]
  3. has light [hair, skin]
  4. is light in [color, weight]
  5. wear light clothing in the [summer, gym]
  6. [is, feels] very light (to me)
  7. lighter than a feather
  8. expect light [rain, snow] (on)
  9. need some light reading
  10. need a light book
  11. designed for light [use, wear]
  12. [eat, have] a light [lunch, snack, meal]
  13. [have, go for, order] the light option
  14. is light on [salt, spices]
  15. is too light on [his children, drugs]
  16. is light on his feet
  17. light enough to [read, see, play]
  18. (see) the lighter side of [life, things]
  19. keep the [tone, mood, atmosphere, conversation] light
  20. try to keep [things, it] light
  1. light a fire
  2. light the [stove, lamp]
  3. light (up) a [match, cigarette]
  4. lit a [cigarette] up
  5. light the [way, road, path, street]
  6. a [lamp, flashlight, torch, candle] to light your way
  7. lighting the [street, room, field]
  8. was lit by [candles, electricity, a lamp, fluorescent bulbs]
  9. lighted up in the [night, dark]
  10. lighted for the [night, evening]
  11. was lighted from [above, below]
  12. a [flash, meteor, bolt of lightning] lit the sky (up)
  13. a [flash] lit (up) the sky
  14. her [eyes, face] lit up when
  15. lit up with the [news, sight of]
  16. lit into [the journalists, critics, his workers]
  1. [often, always] travels light
additional examples
  1. a light- [colored] [hair, shirt]
  2. is light- [haired, skinned]
  3. a light- [skinned] [person, man]
  4. is a lightweight [option, laptop]
  5. a lightweight [boxer, fighter]
  6. has light-up [eyes, parts]
  7. light-hearted [comedy, humor, comments]
  8. UK: is light-fingered
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