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  1. is a [thin, fine] line between [good and bad, love and hate]
  2. draw a [curved, straight, thin, wavy] line
  3. [perspective, parallel, perpendicular] lines
  4. the plumb line
  5. lines of symmetry
  6. [walk, travel, move] in a straight line
  7. the [bus, train, subway] line
  8. is on the [phone, other] line
  9. get off the line!
  10. (please) hold the line
  11. drop me a line when (you get back)
  12. crossed the finish line
  13. [neck-and-neck, very close] at the line
  14. on the [subject, heading, title] line
  15. the first line of a [book, essay]
  16. sign [below, under, on] the (dotted) line
  17. [a notebook, paper, a writing pad] with lines
  18. I draw the line (at)
  19. (let's) draw a line under [it, the whole episode]
  20. a new product line
  21. a new line of products
  22. is only [worried about, concerned with] the bottom line
  23. and that's the bottom line!
  24. have crossed the line (this time)
  25. [arranged, placed, dotted] in a line
  26. is the [first, last] one in line
  27. is a (long) line (for)
  28. get in line for
  29. get [in, to] the back of the line
  30. the line is moving [slowly, quickly]
  31. the line [starts, begins, ends] over there
  32. at the (other) end of the line
  33. need to get in line with [me, my philosophy]
  34. toe the [company, party] line
  35. draw a line in the sand
  36. on the washing line
  37. hang the clothes on the line
  38. take a cruise line (to)
  39. [got, have] [a fish, something] on the line
  40. cast his line into the [water, ocean]
  41. the [actor, presenter] forgot his lines
  42. only had [five, a few] lines in the [show, movie, program]
  43. drugs: [sniffed, snorted, did] a line (of coke)
n as adj
  1. is on line 1
  2. a line drawing
  3. line dancing
  1. lined the [streets, sidewalk]
  2. lined by [trees, bushes]
  3. lined with [leather, lace, velvet]
  4. the [jacket, bag, glove] was lined with
  5. lined his pockets
  6. line up a [shot, penalty]
  7. line up the [wall, defenders, troops]
  8. line up to [purchase, see]
  9. lined up for [hours]
  10. lined up outside the [store, club, stadium]
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