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  1. loyalty to the [brand, product, company, provider]
  2. [brand] loyalty
  3. the loyalty of the [soldiers, players, troops, guards]
  4. their loyalty to the [leader, king, country]
  5. need to [gain, regain, earn] their loyalty
  6. felt a loyalty to old [classmates, friends]
  7. [pledged, promised, swore] their loyalty to
  8. [acted, behaved, spoke] with loyalty
  9. my loyalty lies with
  10. served the [company, organization] with loyalty (for years)
  11. [seek, need, request] proof of loyalty
  12. [showed, gave] proof of loyalty
  13. expected loyalty in [death, battle]
  14. wanted loyalty in return (for)
  15. a person with [fierce, strong, staunch] loyalties
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