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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a lump of [rock, clay]
  2. will get a lump of coal for Christmas
  3. a lump of [sugar, butter, flour, margarine]
  4. a [large, huge, massive] lump of
  5. [stir, whisk] the sauce to remove (any) lumps
  6. has a lump on his [face, cheek, forehead, arm]
  7. slang: had a lump in his throat
  8. slang: felt a lump in her throat as she [spoke, read, left]
  9. the [fall, accident, punch] left a lump (on his head, on his arm)
  10. the lump is [going down, disappearing, swelling]
  11. the lump is getting [bigger, smaller]
  12. check your [breasts, testicles] for lumps
  13. found a lump in my [breast]
  14. have the lump [checked out, examined] (by a doctor)
  15. UK, informal: the new [movie, play, book] came in for lumps (from critics)
  1. lump [marbles, stones, coins] together
  2. lump together [marbles]
  3. lump [people, groups, ideas] together
  4. lump [poor, intelligent, talented, ethnic] people together
  5. lumped (together) in the same [pile, group, category]
  6. lumped me together with the other [men, engineers, foreigners]
  7. (don't) lump us all together
  8. lumped the [work, problem, issue, mess] on me
  9. [he, the tanks, the truck] lumped along
  10. lumped along the [road, highway]
  11. UK: lumped me with the [problem]
  12. slang, UK: like it or lump it!
  13. football, UK: lump the ball [upfield, up the pitch, to the striker]
n as adj
  1. [paid, deposited, received] a lump sum
  2. paid off the [debt, mortgage] with a lump sum
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