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  1. a massive [house, garden, truck, living room, country]
  2. a massive hole in the [ground, wall, window]
  3. a massive [crowd, gathering, audience]
  4. a massive [number, quantity, dose] (of)
  5. massive amounts of
  6. a massive [database, list, choice] (of)
  7. a massive [attack, wave, onslaught] (of)
  8. [had, suffered] a massive [heart attack, stroke]
  9. has massive [feet, thighs, hands]
  10. sexually explicit, slang: a massive [cock, dick]
  11. sexually explicit, slang: massive [tits, boobs]
  12. the song was a massive [hit, success]
  13. a massive dent in [their ambitions, the chassis]
  14. (their hopes) were dealt a massive [blow, setback]
  15. absolutely massive
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