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  1. a [life, decade, generation] of misery
  2. [abject, complete, total] misery
  3. [home, job, family] miseries
  4. is in (a state of) misery
  5. help her (get) out of her misery
  6. the misery of [poverty, loneliness, homelessness]
  7. the [family, population, town] was plunged into misery (when)
  8. misery inflicted on
  9. misery [caused, suffered, endured] by
  10. caused misery for [thousands]
  11. brought misery to [thousands]
  12. plunged into [financial, economic] misery
  13. felt (total) misery after the [defeat, loss, rejection]
  14. [had, experienced] the misery of [defeat]
  15. were left to their misery (by)
  16. he's an absolute misery [today, this morning]!
  17. the misery is [fading, dying] (away)
  18. [put an end to, take the edge off] their misery
  19. put the [captive, dying soldier, injured deer] out of its misery
  20. informal: please, put me out of my misery!
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