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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. need [help, assistance] (with)
  2. need your [help, advice]
  3. need a little [help, assurance]
  4. need (some) [water, food, advice]
  5. need information [on, regarding]
  6. need [money, a job]
  7. need the money [for, to]
  8. need a [break, rest]
  9. need a good [drink, glass of wine]
  10. need a new [car, phone, watch]
  11. needs (a little) attention
  12. need (your) [donations, support]
  13. needs [closure, reassurance, fulfillment]
  14. needs [repairing, mowing, fixing]
  15. need permission [to, in order to, before]
  16. need [time, more time] (to)
  17. need [experience, practice]
  18. need and [want, deserve]
  19. need to [go, see, try, know]
  20. you don't need to worry
  21. UK: you needn't [worry, bother, have worried, have bothered]
  22. we need you [here, back]
  23. need I [carry on, say more]?
  24. many [people, customers, families] need
  25. is there anything (else) you need?
  26. do you need anything else (from me)?
  27. all you need (is)
  28. needed in the [OR, office, field]
  29. needed for [surgery, the meeting]
  30. needed by the [owner, principal, president]
  1. [urgent, immediate, acute] needs
  2. [basic, essential, daily, human, fundamental, bodily] needs
  3. the [children, students] have [specific, special, additional] needs
  4. [children, adults] with [specific] needs
  5. there is a [pressing, dire, clear, growing] need (for)
  6. are in need of [help, assistance, water, volunteers]
  7. help a [friend, coworker, relative, person] in need
  8. always puts [others', her family's] needs before her own
  9. a friend in need (is a friend indeed)
  10. [highlight, reinforce, illustrate] the need [to, for]
  11. the need to [develop, create, raise, provide]
  12. meet the needs of the [workers, students, parents, customers]
  13. [listen to, hear] the needs of the [public, residents, locals, users]
  14. their needs were [met, satisfied, ignored]
  15. I have needs too (you know)
  16. help us in our hour of need
  17. is there (really) a need for that?
  18. there is [really, absolutely] no need
  19. there's no urgent need to [buy, get, find, do, make, go]
  20. (there's) no need to [worry, panic, be scared, bother]
  21. there is no need for concern
  22. the [urgency, scale, magnitude, context] of the need
  23. will be [judged, allocated] according to need
  24. need for [food, shelter, beds]
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