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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a noted patron (of the arts)
  2. a noted [man, woman, person] of letters
  3. (the) noted [author, star, director] of
  4. is a noted [author, actress]
  5. is noted for his [contributions to, work with]
  6. noted for its [quality, size, entertainment]
  7. the [restaurant, brand, store] is noted for its [quality]
  8. the area is noted for its [valleys, hills, wine]
WordReference English Collocations © 2019


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [short, brief, concise, curt, rude] note
  2. a [warning, thank-you, farewell, personal, suicide] note
  3. include a note with the [flowers, gift, present]
  4. left a note [saying, giving, implying]
  5. left a note on the [door, mirror, desk, table]
  6. [write, make, post] a note to self
  7. there's nothing of note to [report, mention]
  8. make (a) note of any [errors, mistakes, suggestions]
  9. make (a) note of anything [strange, peculiar, out of the ordinary]
  10. take (down) notes in the [class, meeting, lecture]
  11. write notes at the [top, bottom] of the page
  12. can I borrow your notes from (class) today?
  13. leave notes in the [margins, spaces provided]
  14. please make a note of the [date, time, number]
  15. take note (of the following)
  16. note to self: [don't, never, remember, try]
  17. there was a note of [fear, apprehension, doubt] in his voice
  18. was a [writer, physicist, teacher] of note
  19. a [bundle, wad, pile] of [50]-dollar notes
  20. a [musical, half, sharp] note
  21. played a wrong note
  22. played a note on her [saxophone, trumpet]
  1. noted down the [dates, number, information]
  2. note the [differences, similarities]
  3. noted his [haircut, shyness, absence]
  4. noted with [satisfaction, concern, interest, appreciation]
  5. is noted for his [excellence, genius, writing, skills]
  6. noted by [many, several]
  7. noted for [being, having, talking]
  8. note that
  9. you should note (also) that
  10. should be noted that
  11. it has been noted (that)
  12. noted [previously, before]
  13. unless otherwise noted
  14. your [opinion, objection] is duly noted
  15. noted on page [five]
  16. as (has been) noted [above, in the margin]
  17. is [often, commonly, usually] noted (that)
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