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  1. [regional, relative] peace
  2. wished for world peace
  3. why can't we (just) live in peace?
  4. live (side by side) in relative peace
  5. the [government, police, authorities] tried to [keep, uphold] the peace
  6. bring peace to [war-torn countries, the Middle East]
  7. [get, need] (some) peace of mind
  8. find (your) inner peace
  9. need some peace and quiet
  10. leave me in peace
  11. is at peace with [herself, God, justice]
  12. make peace with yourself
  13. make peace with your [past, demons, loved ones, enemies]
  14. peace be [with, upon] you
  15. peace at last!
  16. peace in the [world, Middle East]
  17. peace on earth
  18. peace between nations
  19. peace and love
  20. a [feeling, sensation, air] of peace
  21. a declaration of peace
  22. [keeper, guardian] of the peace
n as adj
  1. a peace [agreement, movement, treaty]
  2. the peace process
  3. the Peace Corps
  4. [smoke, offer him] the peace pipe
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