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  1. a [real, great] pity
  2. oh, [that's, what] a pity!
  3. what a pity you can't [come, go, stay]
  4. it's (such) a pity you can't [come]
  5. [have, feel] pity for the [victims, poor, children]
  6. took pity on [them, the prisoners, his hostages]
  7. have pity (on me)!
  8. I don't [want, need] your pity
  9. pity must be shown to [prisoners]
  10. his [voice, speech, eulogy] was full of pity
  11. a [cause, reason] for pity
n as adj
  1. [having, throwing] (herself) a pity party
  1. pity her [because, for]
  2. pity those who
  3. pity the [poor, homeless]
  4. I pity the (poor) [fool, girl] who
  5. [don't, you don't need to] pity me
  6. I pity and [despise, loathe]
  7. [sincerely, deeply] pity you
  8. [is, are] to be pitied
  9. pitied for [your, being, not]
  10. pitied by [all, most, some] (people)
  11. pitied and despised (by)
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