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  1. a [football, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball], sports player
  2. [an attacking, a defensive, an infield an outfield, a midfield] player
  3. a [Barcelona, Manchester United] player
  4. a [50 million] dollar player
  5. a [new, loan, draft] player
  6. a [poker, card, bridge, chess] player
  7. the [best, most expensive, top-scoring] player in [Europe, the world]
  8. a [record, CD, music, video, media, DVD] player
  9. a [horn, piano, harp, guitar, keyboard] player
  10. a [major, big] player in the [market, sector, government]
  11. the player was [injured, banned, benched, substituted, fined, transferred]
  12. the players [surrounded, berated, abused] the referee
  13. the players [lined, warmed] up
  14. the players in [red, stripes, blue]
  15. a player in the [first division, premier league, eastern conference]
n as adj
  1. player [earnings, winnings, performance, statistics, analysis]
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