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  1. a [$400] pledge
  2. a pledge of [$400]
  3. pledges [amounting to, totaling] $1 million
  4. say the pledge of allegiance
  5. a pledge to [help, try, go, combat]
  6. a [joint, multi-industry] pledge
  7. a pledge not to [wage war, interfere, attack]
  8. a pledge made by the [police, governor]
  9. the [police's] pledge
  10. a pledge to privacy
  11. made a solemn pledge to each other
  12. as a pledge of my [love, support]
  1. pledged to [collaborate, cooperate, give, provide, fight]
  2. pledge your [support, allegiance] (to)
  3. pledged by [donors, collaborators, the public]
  4. pledged to [silence, secrecy]
  5. pledged that he would [support, assist, help]
  6. pledged [a month's salary, $100]
  7. [half, 15%] of the money pledged (by)
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