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  1. [enormous, huge, great, considerable] potential (to)
  2. the [child, boy, girl, student] has potential (to)
  3. a young [child] with [enormous] potential
  4. the [show, series] has killer potential
  5. (the) potential to [succeed, go far, graduate, improve]
  6. (the) potential to [be, become] [famous, professional, president]
  7. the potential to [be] a [singer, star, gymnast, teacher]
  8. had potential as a [singer]
  9. the [investment, market] has enormous growth potential
  10. fulfill its potential (as)
  11. achieve your full potential
  12. the potential to [cure, heal, prevent] (diseases)
  13. a potential for [growth, success]
  14. [reduce, cut down, trim] the list to [four] potentials
  1. a potential [cure, breakthrough, discovery]
  2. (could be) a potential threat to
  3. involves potential [risks, side effects]
  4. (the) potential [risks] involved
  5. are facing potential [problems, consequences, setbacks, lay offs]
  6. looking for potential [clients, customers, collaborators, investors]
  7. identify potential [markets, research]
  8. [evaluate, research] its potential [benefits, uses, impact]
  9. the potential candidates for [President, the Presidency, the leadership]
  10. has potential [significance, power]
  11. has potential energy
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