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  1. promise to [go, come, have, make, pay, give, do]
  2. promise to [be back, return] by
  3. promise to be good
  4. promise not to tell
  5. promise to love and [care, honor]
  6. do you promise?
  7. promised (me) the world
  8. that promises the world
  9. I can't promise (you) anything
  10. I promise!
  11. I promise on my mother's [grave, life]
  12. promise me (that) [you'll, you will, you won't]
  13. promise that we can [go]
  14. but you promised (that you would)
  15. promise (to) your [parents, daughter, husband] that
  16. pinky promise to
  17. promise a reward for
  18. was promised a [raise, promotion]
  19. promised his hand in marriage
  20. promise a [new, full, free, better]
  21. (it) promises to be a great [novel, match, movie]
  1. a [serious, sincere, broken, firm, hollow] promise
  2. [kept, broke] her promise
  3. kept her promise to [write, pay, return]
  4. [rarely, always, never, barely] keeps his promises
  5. the [company, government, bank] delivered on its promise (to)
  6. the promise of a better life
  7. the [child, student, player] shows promise
  8. is showing [signs of, great] promise
  9. there are [significant, evident, some] signs of promise
  10. showed promise from a [young, early] age
  11. the sky [gave, suggested] promise of (better weather)
  12. the promise of better [weather, times, performance]
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