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  1. a jigsaw puzzle
  2. a [500] -piece puzzle
  3. a [difficult, children's] puzzle
  4. a puzzle for [children, babies]
  5. a puzzle for ages [six] and up
  6. finished the puzzle's edges
  7. do the puzzle's edges first
  8. a [brain, word, logic, crossword, teambuilding] puzzle
  9. [finish, put together] a puzzle
  10. am working on a puzzle
  11. do a puzzle [in the winter, on a rainy day]
  12. [hate, love] (doing) puzzles
  13. am great at puzzles
  14. that is certainly a puzzle
  15. it is a puzzle as to [how, why, when]
  16. managed to solve the puzzle
  17. missing a central piece of the puzzle
  18. idiom: added another piece to the puzzle
  19. idiom: all fell into place like a puzzle
  20. a puzzle piece
  21. a [missing, central, corner] puzzle piece
  22. on a puzzle board
  23. puzzle (video) games
  24. puzzle over [a problem, the details, a dilemma]
  25. the [news, story, details] puzzled her
  26. he was puzzled by the [news]
  27. puzzle the pieces together
  28. puzzle together the pieces
  29. puzzle [the meaning, a way, the message] out
  30. puzzle out [the meaning]
n as adj
  1. a puzzle piece
  2. a [missing, central, corner] puzzle piece
  3. on a puzzle board
  4. puzzle (video) games
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