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  1. a [fast, slow, quick, boring, thrilling] race
  2. a [running, driving, walking, horse, greyhound] race
  3. a [400-meter, 60-lap] race
  4. the [arms, weapons, space, nuclear] race
  5. [register, qualify, sign up] for a race
  6. [10,000] [took part, ran, competed] in the race
  7. the [driver, athlete] [won, lost] the race
  8. came [first, second, last] in the race
  9. the race for [second]
  10. the race is [on, hotting up, over]
  11. challenge you to a race
  12. the [beginning, origin, evolution] of the human race
  13. the [white, Caucasian, black] race
  14. [ethnic, minority, persecuted] races
  15. [biased, impartial] on race
  16. irrespective of race or [religion, creed]
  17. discrimination based on race
  18. the race for the [White House, presidency]
  19. the race for [cash, jobs, opportunities]
  20. a race to [school, the house, the post]
  21. is a race [to the finish, against time]
  22. a race to find a [cure, vaccine]
n as adj
  1. the race [winnings, winner, leader, trophy]
  2. race [hate, crime, violence, relations]
  1. his [heart, head, mind] was racing
  2. [ideas, thoughts] raced through his head
  3. raced (back) home
  4. raced (back) to [school, work, the store]
  5. race [up, down] the street
  6. race off to
  7. race ahead [of, to]
  8. have been racing around town (all day)
  9. racing from place to place
  10. race towards
  11. race against the [best, fastest]
  12. racing against [time, the clock]
  13. race in the [championships, Olympics]
  14. raced her [home, to the post]
  15. I'll race you (there)!
  16. race a [car, horse, boat]
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