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  1. the [harsh, stark, crude, cruel] reality
  2. life's [harsh] realities
  3. [ignore, dismiss, face] the reality
  4. let's [return, get back] to reality
  5. [read, write, dream] to escape from reality
  6. the [vision, dream, nightmare] became a reality
  7. the harsh reality [struck, hit home, became clear]
  8. [violence, sexism, racism, discrimination] is a daily reality (for)
  9. reality (really) bites
  10. in reality, it's [bigger, more difficult, easy]
  11. in reality, he's a [fool, coward, crook]
  12. whereas in reality (this is not the case)
  13. but the reality is that
  14. the reality of [life, war, showbusiness]
  15. a [sense, view] of reality
  16. a [game, world, vision] of virtual reality
  17. that's her reality
  18. come (crashing) back down to reality
n as adj
  1. [love, hate] reality TV
  2. [star, appear] in a reality show
  3. be [eliminated from, voted off] a reality show
  4. on a reality (TV) show
  5. [got, needs] a reality check
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