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  1. [credit card, gasoline, purchase, store, shopping] receipts
  2. would you like your receipt?
  3. do you need a receipt?
  4. a receipt for the [car, bike, computer] (I bought)
  5. keep your receipts
  6. throw away the receipt
  7. check what the receipt says
  8. [show, present] the receipt to get a refund
  9. [print, send, email] the receipt
  10. sorry, I [lost, threw away] the receipt
  11. the receipt of [goods, orders, shipments, merchandise]
  12. within [seven] days of receipt
  13. the [gate, concert] receipts from the [festival, concert, match]
  14. took in [$1 million] in [gate] receipts
n as adj
  1. the receipt [date, amount, number]
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