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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. refuse to [pay, take, give]
  2. refuse to [believe, admit, acknowledge] (that)
  3. refuse to accept the [truth, fact] that
  4. refuses to understand
  5. (have) refused to confirm or deny [reports, rumors]
  6. I refuse to be [blackmailed, intimidated, a victim]
  7. refused his [request, offer]
  8. refuse your [application, request]
  9. refuse his [advances, offer, invitation, attempts]
  10. an offer you can't refuse
  11. refuse [help, assistance]
  12. refuse [treatment, access, entry]
  13. was refused [access]
  14. [may, can] refuse [service, entry]
  15. [staunchly, stubbornly] refuse
  16. refuse your [mother, friends, boss]
  17. refuse him (entry)
  18. refuse or [remove, cancel, revoke, neglect, delete]
  19. too [good, tempting] to refuse
  1. [organic, glass, chemical, liquid, food] refuse
  2. [collect, gather, sort, burn, filter] (the) refuse
  3. UK: [put, thrown out] with the refuse
n as adj
  1. a refuse [container, sack, can]
  2. a refuse [site, collector, van]
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