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  1. a [newspaper, TV, website, press, sales, financial, government] report
  2. [class, school, trimester, student] reports
  3. a [poor, good, great, reasonable] school report
  4. write a (book) report for class
  5. hand in your reports
  6. your reports are due on [Monday]
  7. will hand back your reports on [Monday]
  8. a well- [written, structured] report
  9. a poorly-[written] report
  10. check the weather report before
  11. a [published, detailed, classified, secret] report
  12. early reports suggest (that)
  13. I am hearing reports of
  14. [write, compile, publish, edit, check, confirm] a report
  15. a report on [your progress, the situation]
  16. according to reports (from eyewitnesses)
  17. [read, analyze, criticize] reports
  18. our correspondent has the [latest, following] report
  19. the [classified] report was leaked (to a journalist)
  20. the figures [mentioned, contained, stated] in the report
  21. the [figures, opinions, information] in the report
  22. the [company, senator, hospital] denied all reports (of)
  23. a report on the [war, struggle, conflict]
  24. reports of [violence, disturbances, UFO sightings]
  25. a [man, businessman, politician] of bad report
  1. report the [accident, robbery, incident, news]
  2. report (back) to the [owner, boss, principal, officer]
  3. reports to [the boss, nobody, his manager]
  4. report your progress
  5. report an inappropriate [post, photo, comment]
  6. report [the status, any updates]
  7. report an [error, issue, mistake]
  8. [simply, just] reported the [error]
  9. report your [taxes, income, earnings]
  10. report your [findings, conclusions]
  11. reported over [100] [deaths, cases, incidents]
  12. report an [increase, decrease] in
  13. reported him for [assault, cheating, stealing]
  14. reported her to the [authorities, police, IRS]
  15. [witnesses, eyewitnesses, bystanders, passers-by] report [seeing, hearing]
  16. reported by a [witness, bystander]
  17. [sources, journalists, correspondents] report that
  18. was previously reported (that)
  19. [accurately, already] reported (that)
  20. reported to have [seen, heard, known, existed]
  21. reported to cause [side effects, heart problems]
  22. reported and [discussed, analyzed, investigated]
  23. report for [duty, service]
  24. report to the [office, HQ, front desk]
  25. [visitors, guests] must report to the [office]
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