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  1. a [coal, rice, grain, potato, flour] sack
  2. a sack of [coal]
  3. a [three] -kilo sack
  4. a [burlap, plastic, hemp] sack
  5. [garbage, trash, refuse, paper, storage] sacks
  6. [stuff, load, fill] the sack
  7. [slung, carried] the sack over his shoulders
  8. [loaded, placed, carried] the sack on her back
  9. sell [onions, corn] by the sack
  10. fill (up) a [clothes, charity] sack
  11. informal: the [worker, manager, coach, employee] got the sack
  12. informal: got the sack for [being late, losing clients]
  13. informal: didn't hit the sack until [late, past midnight]
  14. informal: I think I'll hit the sack
  15. informal: she's [great, good, fantastic, a tigress] in the sack
  16. offensive: my sack itches
  17. offensive: scratched his sack
  18. offensive: got [hit, kicked] in the sack
  1. sacked [on the spot, immediately, after one month]
  2. sacked by [his boss, the board, the manager]
  3. sacked (him) for [poor results, insubordinance, losing clients]
  4. sack (her) from [her job, the cabinet]
  5. she was sacked from her [job, position]
  6. sacked over [allegations, wrongdoings, fraud]
  7. [in danger of being, about to be, fear of being, likely to be] sacked
  8. the quarterback was sacked [four times, repeatedly, easily]
  9. sack a [village, store, territory]
  10. the [village] was sacked by [rebels, the army, Vikings, raiders]
  11. sack [up] the potatoes
  12. sacked out after [school, the party, dinner]
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