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  1. sacrifice your [free, vacation, precious] time
  2. sacrifice your [free] time for your [family, children]
  3. without sacrificing your [freetime, passions, hobbies]
  4. (go on a) diet without sacrificing [taste, flavor]
  5. [means, doesn't mean] you will have to sacrifice
  6. sacrifice a [child, dog, goat, ram]
  7. sacrificed [in a ritual, in a religious ceremony, according to tradition]
  8. sacrifice a life to save [another, others]
  9. sacrificed his life (in vain)
  10. sacrifice yourself for your [country, family, people]
  11. sacrifice your [queen, rook, knight, pawn]
  1. a [human, financial, political, social, ritual] sacrifice
  2. the sacrifice of [time, money, work]
  3. not [prepared, willing, able] to make any sacrifices
  4. made the ultimate sacrifice
  5. a sacrifice to save his [children, family, friends, troops]
  6. made sacrifices for [peace, freedom, democracy, progress]
  7. sacrifices in the name of [peace]
  8. make sacrifices to [attain, establish, gain] peace
  9. will make no sacrifices on [quality, price, effort]
  10. offer sacrifices to the [Lord, devil, spirits, gods]
  11. the traditional sacrifice of a [lamb, pig, cow]
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