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  1. [earns, has] a [high, low, medium, good, poor, great] salary
  2. salaries for [teachers, engineers, programmers, accountants]
  3. is a [high] salary for a [teacher]
  4. the [minimum, net, gross, take-home] salary
  5. the salaries are paid [weekly, monthly]
  6. can't [live, survive, make ends meet] on his salary
  7. can't afford it on my salary
  8. half the salary goes to [school fees, rent, the mortgage, food]
  9. not [content, happy, comfortable] with his salary
  10. feels she [deserves, merits] a higher salary
  11. asked for [an increase, a rise] in salary
  12. are demanding [equality, fairness] in salary
  13. offered double the salary to [change jobs, work for a competitor]
  14. salaries start at [20,000] dollars per year
  15. a salary of [20,000] dollars a year
  16. a [20,000] -dollar salary
  17. the salary [before, after] taxes
  18. am on a salary
  19. are you on a salary?
n as adj
  1. negotiate a salary [increase, improvement]
  2. [hand, send] out the salary slips
  3. a salary range of [$20,000] to [$50,000]
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