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  1. full of scorn for the [press, students, workers, newspaper]
  2. felt scorn for (all) those who [said, made, believed]
  3. felt scorn for the [man, person, individual] who
  4. her [voice, face, smile] was full of scorn
  5. could hear the scorn in her voice
  6. could see the scorn in her [face, smile]
  7. her scorn was [visible, evident, rising]
  8. her voice [rose, filled] with scorn
  9. has become the object of scorn
  10. likely to [draw, provoke, bring] scorn from
  11. felt [compelled, obliged] to express their scorn
  1. scorned my [help, efforts, promises]
  2. scorned his [wife, children, lover]
  3. scorned by [his children, all, others]
  4. scorned at [home, work]
  5. scorned for [doing, having, making, acting, denying]
  6. scorned for their [actions, attitude, behavior]
  7. scorned and [disowned, forgotten]
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