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  1. [home, personal, computer] security
  2. have (no) [job, work, career] security
  3. [job] security is an [essential, important] issue
  4. [financial, social, political, network] security
  5. [public, private, street, urban, transport, passenger] security
  6. [national, international, homeland] security
  7. [station, airport, terminal, hospital] security
  8. the [station] was [closed, evacuated] out of security
  9. security against [damage, loss, theft]
  10. it's a [matter, question, case] of (national) security
  11. someone call security!
  12. am going to call security on you
  13. [guarantee, ensure, oversee] passenger security
  14. [in charge, responsible for] [plant, building] security
  15. a (false) sense of security
  16. security in [retirement, old age]
  17. [trade, deal, invest] in securities
  18. [bank, government] securities
n as adj
  1. [employ, hire, recruit] security staff
  2. security [systems, guards, measures]
  3. [design, implement, install] security systems
  4. a [minimum, maximum, top] -security prison
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