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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [huge, quick, rough, powerful, playful] shove
  2. gave him a shove (towards)
  3. felt a shove in his [shoulder, back]
  4. pushed [aside, out the way, open] with a shove
  5. [dislodged, moved] the car with a shove
  6. moved the [table, bed, desk] with a shove
  7. gave the [table] a shove
  8. a quick push and a shove
  9. idiom: [when, if] push comes to shove
  10. shoved him out [the door, of the room, of the way]
  11. shoved her in the back
  12. the [shoppers, spectators, police] were shoving
  13. shoving [forward, backward]
  14. stop shoving!
  15. shoved the [door, window, lid] shut
  16. shove the [table, chairs, dresser] across the [floor, room, house]
  17. shoved him against the [wall, door]
  18. shove him [accidentally, intentionally, indiscriminately]
  19. shove [clothes, underwear, things] in a suitcase
  20. shoving up to the [bar, door, front, exit]
  21. shoving towards the [bar]
  22. shove into [the stadium, the shop, me]
  23. shove a [bill, draft, law] through
  24. time to shove off
  25. UK: shove off!
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