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  1. a [garden, toy, metal, plastic, snow, large, small] shovel
  2. a [diesel, hydraulic, mechanical] shovel
  3. use a shovel to dig [sand, weeds, soil]
  4. use a shovel to [clear, remove, make, get, help, put]
  5. dug a hole with a shovel
  6. removed the [earth, stones] with a shovel
  7. [pick up, grab, fetch] a shovel
  8. propped the shovel against the [building, tree, post]
  9. used a [spade, pick] and shovel
  10. informal, offensive: moves like shit off a shovel
  1. shoveling [snow, soil, earth, sand, mud]
  2. shovel the [snow] off the [path, driveway, road]
  3. shovel a path through the [snow]
  4. shovel your [driveway, sidewalk]
  5. shovel to [dig, remove, clean]
  6. shovel (the) [earth, soil, dirt] into a [pile, hole, mound]
  7. shoveling [food, dinner, mouthfuls, spaghetti] into his mouth
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