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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [dirty, neglected, violent] slum
  2. the slums [in, near] the city
  3. in the city slums
  4. a slum [on the outskirts, in the suburbs]
  5. has turned into a slum
  6. gentrifying the slums
  7. the [artist, rapper, businessman] came from the slums
  8. grew up in the slums
  9. the slums of [Chicago]
  10. the [Chicago] slums
  11. lives in the slums
  12. promised to [clean up, remodel] the slums
  13. advised to [stay, steer] clear of the slums
  14. [ventured, wandered] into a slum
  15. got [mugged, attacked, pickpocketed] in the slum
  16. a slum full of drug [users, addicts, dealers]
  17. the [apartment, house] is a real slum
  18. more a slum than [an apartment]
n as adj
  1. slum [dogs, cats, rats]
  2. slum [communities, areas, neighborhoods]
  3. living in slum-like conditions

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