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  1. a sly [woman, man, person, individual]
  2. (as) sly as a fox
  3. you sly old [devil, fox]!
  4. with a sly [nature, character]
  5. a sly [plan, idea, ploy, approach] (to)
  6. that was a sly move!
  7. made a sly [comment, reference, remark]
  8. need to be sly if you want to
  9. made sly [digs, pokes] at
  10. was a sly [look, glint, twinkle] in his eyes
  11. gave them a sly [look, glance, grin]
  12. had a sly [expression, look, smile] on her face
  13. was sly and [fooled, hoodwinked, outsmarted] everyone
  14. a sly [humor, satire, comedy]
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