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  1. see you soon!
  2. will be here soon
  3. [come, finish] as soon as [possible, you can]
  4. [panic, disorder] soon followed
  5. soon you will [understand, know]
  6. soon enough
  7. soon became a [hero, idol]
  8. it soon became [evident, apparent] that
  9. I soon realized (that)
  10. soon found out that
  11. cannot [happen, come] soon enough
  12. (I'll) be [there, back] soon!
  13. is coming soon
  14. is [expiring, ending, available] soon
  15. will be [expiring] soon
  16. will soon be over
  17. soon after the [accident, explosion]
  18. it's (way) too soon to [tell, be sure]
  19. too soon?
  20. the sooner, the better
  21. the sooner [he gets here, you apologize] the better
  22. sooner or later
  23. sooner rather than later
  24. (no) sooner said than done
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