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  1. make sticky [buns, rice]
  2. the [candy, lollipop] is sticky
  3. is sticky from the [sugar, soda]
  4. sticky [hands, fingers, paws]
  5. sticky [glue, goo, tape, substances, tack, labels]
  6. is [very, extremely] sticky stuff
  7. left a sticky note for her
  8. a sticky [summer, tropical] day
  9. am sticky with sweat
  10. I'm [getting, feeling] sticky in [all this, so much] heat
  11. feeling hot and sticky
  12. was sticky after [sunbathing, running, playing]
  13. has sticky fingers from [touching, eating, making]
  14. my [fingers, hands] are all sticky
  15. take your sticky fingers off [me, the door]!
  16. too sticky to [handle, peel, open]
  17. is a sticky [dilemma, question, topic, problem]
  18. is in a sticky situation
  19. sticky [prices, wages, interest rates]
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