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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. [a gas, an electric, a wood] stove
  2. a [four] -burner stove
  3. a [travel, kitchen, camping] stove
  4. slaving away over the stove all day
  5. standing at the stove cooking [lunch, dinner]
  6. left the stove on (at home)
  7. the fire started at the stove
  8. the stove started the fire
  9. the [water, pot, teapot] is boiling on the stove
  10. turn the stove [on, off, up, down]
  11. light the stove
  12. a red-hot stove
  13. the stove is still hot
  14. burned herself on the stove
  15. gather wood for the stove
  16. got warm by the stove
  17. [pots, pans] on the stove
n as adj
  1. a stove top
  2. stove wood
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