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  1. a [titanic, great, violent, major, mammoth] struggle
  2. a [power, survival] struggle
  3. a struggle for [power]
  4. the class struggle
  5. a [determined, hard-fought, patient] struggle
  6. were [engaged, caught up, mired] in a struggle
  7. a struggle to [reach, win, get, hear]
  8. a struggle to get [near, close]
  9. with a struggle, she [broke free, opened the window]
  10. it's [likely, bound, sure] to be a struggle
  11. was a struggle to [finish, make, do]
  12. a struggle with [kids, children, babies, students]
  13. a struggle against [racism, poverty, adversity]
  14. (no) [signs, indications, hint, suggestion] of a struggle
  1. struggle to [find, make, get, survive, keep, maintain, regain]
  2. struggle to [finish, complete, achieve]
  3. I'm struggling to [understand, remember]
  4. struggle to lose weight
  5. is struggling in [school, math class]
  6. struggle with the [idea, concept, theory] of
  7. struggle through [life, the day]
  8. struggled through the [storm, deep snow]
  9. struggled against the [blizzard, driving rain, heavy snowfall, wind]
  10. have struggled [for 10 years, all my life] (to)
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