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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. is a successful [person, businessman, politician]
  2. that was a successful [day, party]
  3. was a successful [experiment, plan]
  4. bring it to a successful [conclusion, close, end, finish]
  5. have always wanted to be successful
  6. (have) always dreamed of being successful
  7. was successful at [his job, getting their support]
  8. was successful in [his job]
  9. is very successful with [women]
  10. has been successful for (many) years
  11. is successful and [popular, effective, profitable]
  12. the successful implementation of
  13. has (had) a successful career in [biology, business, sales]
  14. (glad) the treatment was successful
  15. hope the treatment is successful
  16. in order to ensure the successful [return, completion] of
  17. was [commercially, privately] successful
  18. [enormously, remarkably] successful
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