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  1. superior [size, speed, strength]
  2. is made of superior quality [materials, steel]
  3. are superior in [number, strength]
  4. [have, possess] superior knowledge
  5. is a superior [brand, quality, model] (of)
  6. superior quality [ingredients, whisky, fabrics]
  7. their superior level of [quality, education]
  8. [beaten, overwhelmed, defeated] by their superior [strength, willpower]
  9. a superior [worker, officer, rank]
  10. is superior in rank (to)
  11. is superior in many ways
  12. [appeal, pray] to a superior being
  13. [has, with] a superior air about him
  14. she acts (all) superior
  15. is not so superior after all
  16. [felt, thought] he was superior to [others, everyone else, his colleagues]
  17. felt superior to any [criticism, accusations, allegations]
  18. will be [heard, appealed] in the superior court
  19. is superior in [command, rank, authority, experience]
  20. is superior to [all others, every other one, the competition]
  21. [fought, defended, oversaw] from a superior position
  22. anatomy: superior or [cranial, inferior]
  1. the [fighter, player, contestant] is the clear superior
  2. is his immediate superior
  3. the [soldier's, worker's] superior
  4. when you [talk to, address] your superiors
  5. superiors in the [force, regiment, company]
  6. let me [ask, check with] my superior (first)
  7. [orders, instructions] from your superior
  8. am going to complain to your superiors if
  9. is my superior in the [office, department]
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