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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. what's on tap?
  2. a menu of the beers on tap
  3. a [pale ale, stout] on tap
  4. a nitro tap
  5. water from the tap
  6. turn the tap [on, off]
  7. the tap is dripping
  8. fix a [drippy, dripping] tap
  9. left the tap [running, on]
  10. the [hot, cold] water tap
  11. gave him a tap on the [shoulder, arm]
  12. felt a tap on my [shoulder]
  13. [was, heard] a tap on the [door, window]
  14. a tap of the [baton, wand]
  15. a [sharp, heavy, light] tap (on the door)
  16. a phone tap
  17. placed a tap on the [phone, smartphone, line]
  1. tap on the [window, door]
  2. tapping (gently) at the [window, door]
  3. tap (the window) [gently, repeatedly, timidly]
  4. tapped her [pencil, fingers] on the desk
  5. tap (out) a [rhythm, tune, beat]
  6. tap him on his [shoulder, arm, back]
  7. tap him on the [shoulder]
  8. tap a [nail, screw, hinge] into the [wall, door]
  9. tap [pipes, a pipe, the drains]
  10. tap into [resources, your savings, their knowledge, the market]
  11. tap a [cask, keg, barrel, tree]
  12. tap a [phone, phone line, phone call]
  13. the [phone] was tapped
  14. UK: tapped me for [some money, a fiver, some cash]
  15. UK: tap (up) a [player, competitor, coach]
  16. UK: the [player] was tapped up (by)
n as adj
  1. drink tap water
  2. tap [dancers, dancing]
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