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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. lay (down) new tiles
  2. just put new tiles in the [bathroom, kitchen]
  3. [repair, relay] the roof tiles
  4. [handmade, hand-painted] tiles
  5. covered in tiles
  6. [ceramic, stone, marble] tiles
  7. need to replace a [cracked, broken] tile
  8. mop (down) the tiles
  9. the tiles need mopping
  10. [square, triangular] tiles
  11. a stack of carpet tiles
  12. replace a ceiling tile
  13. water dripping through the ceiling tiles
  14. put his tiles down on the game board
  15. am almost out of (game) tiles
  1. tile the [roof, kitchen, floor, bathroom]
  2. have the [roof] tiled
  3. tile (it) to [cover, match, fill, insulate, protect]
  4. [was, has been] tiled with [marble, ceramic]
  5. [was, has been] tiled in [white, blue, different shades]
n as adj
  1. has tile floors
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