weak: [ˈtu] [tə], strong: [ˈtuː]

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  1. going to [the mall, school, work]
  2. has gone to [the mall]
  3. (don't) want to [sing, eat, help]
  4. I don't want to!
  5. [gave, said] it to me
  6. from [north] to [south]
  7. took a hit to his [pride, jaw]
  8. will go to the rescue
  9. sentenced to [jail, death]
  10. put her hands to the [sky, table]
  11. is [15 minutes] to [noon, midday, 12]
  12. [dance, sing] to the music
  13. add [salt, pepper, lemon] to taste
  14. odds of [25] to [5]
  15. explained (it) to you
  16. pointed to the [wall, person, sky]
  17. to the [left, right] of the [fireplace, door, table]
  18. has been a good [friend, lover, helper] to me
  19. connect to the [network, internet]
  1. came to after [15 minutes, he was knocked out]
  2. pulled the door to
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