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  1. my [pinkie, big] toe
  2. stubbed my toe (on)
  3. broke my toe
  4. have a broken toe
  5. got my toe caught on
  6. stuck between my toes
  7. [clean, wash] between your toes
  8. dropped a [hammer, brick] on my toes
  9. figurative: the [job, task, work] keeps me on my toes
  10. [trod, stepped] on my toe
  11. figurative: don't want to tread on anyone's toes
  12. figurative: [competed, fought] toe to toe
  13. the shoes are [tight, cramped] at the toes
  14. shoes with [an open, a closed] toe
  15. [boots] with a steel toe
  1. toe the line
  2. toe [a shoe, shoes, the boots]
  3. the [shoes] were toed [by machine, by hand]
  4. toed off his [shoe, shoes, slippers]
  5. toe a [nail, spike, screw]
  6. the wheels toed [in, out] (round the turn)
  7. toe the ball into [play, the rough, the trees]
  8. toe the ball onto the [fairway, green]
n as adj
  1. wears a toe ring
  2. steel-toe [boots, shoes]
  3. must wear closed-toe shoes
  4. cannot wear open-toe shoes
  5. sexually explicit: gave him a toe job
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